Ein Musikblog über ein Land only zu schreiben – ist das auf Dauer nicht zu eintönig? Ach, überhaupt nicht, wenn die Szene dort so lebhaft ist und immer wieder mit neue Entdeckungen überrascht. Blicke über den Tellerrand in Richtung Luxemburg sind übrigens erlaubt, denn auch im kleinen Herzogtum tut sich musikalisch so einiges! Vielleicht gilt es auch, eine kleine Sympathiekampagne zu starten und mit dem Vorurteil aufzuräumen, dass Belgien langweilig und uncool ist. Das Gegenteil ist der Fall!

Ich bin Eva-Maria, langjährig als Bloggerin beim Polarblog aktiv, hier auf interessanten Nebenpfaden unterwegs.


3 thoughts on “Über

  1. Hi Eva-Maria,

    sorry for writing you in English, my German is really not good enough. I just discovered your blog, nice! Can I pull your attention to my own project: Quibbler. I am a singer-songwriter from Kortrijk (Belgium). I recently released an EP ‚Notes about Nothing‘. From the song ‚When the heroes die‘ we created a video about the way children look at the grown-up world in times of fugitives, war and so on. Our message is that you have to let children think about those things. They have their own ideas about the world. Its important for us grown-ups to listen to them. My video can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUzG_vlwOW4 . It would mean a lot if you could give this a look. Thank you! Pieter

  2. Dear Eva-Maria,

    I will write in English, since I understand German, but have difficulties speaking it. I am a fan of your blog since a few months. I am a hundred procent sure that I am not the only artist sending you an e-mail with this question. Therefore, I’ll keep it short.

    After more than 10 years of practicing and experimenting with music composition, I finally created a first EP, from which I think it is something special. Something other than others.

    I am not the artist with thousands of followers. I am not the artist with hundreds of stunning live performances on my record. But I am an artist who has spend hours and hours and hours in order to find ‘my’ sound, work on all the details and explore it to its fullest.

    Because of that, I would really be honored if you would just take some time to listen to ‘Inuit EP’. You can find the music on Bandcamp (https://pietervermeyen.bandcamp.com) and on Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/pietervermeyen/sets/inuit). I also have a very own website http://www.pietervermeyen.com.

    If you like it, I would be happy to hear that and a review would be lovely. If not, no problem and sorry for your time then. 🙂

    Best regards,

    Pieter Vermeyen

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